Art Lesson #031 : Monochromatic Landscape

Forgot to blogpost… Quick post just before calling it a night:



Painting done in Kokuyo Camlin Artist Watercolours. Credits to Ekaterina Smirnova.

CAP (Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)


Art Lesson #030: Sunflower

Its a day for flowers, specially sunflower as its bloody cold in New Delhi. Sunflowers remind me of north-indian summers…. loads of sunlight with a bit of wind. People are always out-n-about in summers. So here is my painting:


Painting is done in Kokuyo Camlin Artist Watercolour with Size 16 Kapoor Art brush.

Overall: I like this very loose style painting… it gives a dreamy effect. Also I did some granule effect in the centre with salt, which is giving it a very realistic feeling.

How was your day? Are you cold too?

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)

Art Lesson #029: Moonlit Winter Night

On to my next painting, this time I tried the ink and wash approach. This Moonlit Winter Night is inspired by Peter Sheeler. He has some very easy paintings with such impact, they are just amazing 🙂 . So here is my painting:


Painting is done with Kokuyo Camlin Artist Watercolours and Round paint brushes.

Overall: I am in love with the effect I got in the sky. It truly came out as colourful as a winter night sky. Although the pen-n-wash technique takes away realism from the painting but I can believe that this is an actual place.

Does it remind you of anything?

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)

Art Lesson #028 : Orchids

I had a thought. I keep numbering these lessons, so why not set a target: “One painting everyday till 100”. I think I can do that and a target will inspire me to paint everyday, so lets do that. For today’s painting of Orchids is by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich . Lindsay’s live tutorials are my favorite, if you have time hope in on Friday. It a tutorial as well as a discussion forum of sorts. Anyway, here is my painting:


Painting is being done in Kokuyo Camlin Artist Watercolours.

Overall: I had some hard edges. The paper seems to dry-up very quickly compare to Lindsay’s instructions and maybe I am a bit slow too. And sometimes I have pools of water due to which the colors seems to go out of control in specific areas. Its a OK attempt but still need improvement.

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)

Art Lesson #027 : A Lake

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! Hope you had a fun start to the year 2017 and were surrounded by family and friends like me. Bless everyone!

So carry on with my art lessons, my next painting is inspired by Ekaterina Smirnova ‘s Intermediate step by step watercolor tutorial: Painting a Lake. I thought it was time I try a scenic view as they are something I inspire to do eventually. So here is my piece:


Painted by Kokuyo Camlin Camel Watercolours.

Overall: I think there are too many hard edges… I need to work on blending more, so that it feels like a painting done in a flow.


How did you start your new year?

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)

2017 PostCard Challenge :

An upcoming art supplier is having a “2017” themed challenge in two categories: Postcard and Ornaments. I am more of a color person than crafting so I thought why not give it a try. And here are my entries for the #newyearsatartlounge

First, a simple flower. I think any wish or blessing always need flowers.

Second, a window. Having a cup of tea while gazing out of your window seems to scare the worries away, at least of me.

This one is mixed media: watercolors, acrylic and ink

What do you think? Which one did you like more out of the two?

And if you want to have a go at it, here are the rules and deadline is 7pm(IST) 31st Dec,2016. Post your postcard photo on instagram and tag

CAP (Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)

Lettering Supplies (

So after a lot of practice with watercolors, I thought why not try something else which would make my art more memorable. I always find quotes or speeches very intriguing, one’s words are a window to their soul. And thoughtful writing with watercolor art can make amazing bookmarks, cards, etc. So to enhance my lettering skills I needed something to write with.

Now, here was a debate: nib pens or dip pens. I have always liked ink, and it just smells so nice and reminds me of my school. I finally I decided on dip pens. Dip pens comprise of a nib holder and a nib. Since I like to be colorful and I had a set of various colored inks, dip-pens were the obvious choice. Also dip pens give choice of various nibs.


On my Instagram I saw this store: and I thought of giving it a try. So I bought the following:

  • 5 Manuscript Marble Dip Pen Holder – Mutli-Coloured
  • Manuscript Leonardt Copperplate 5 Nib Set

and here is my sample of all the nibs that came in the set(I really like the no.33 nib):

15784767_10207785967799768_380395922_o.jpg is a mine of art supplies and they have a store in Mumbai too. So if you want to check out your supplies first, then go and visit them. They are pretty active on social media(instagram & twitter), follow them if you want to take advantage of their deals.

I keep running out of my watercolor paper, so I bought Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor 11”x15” a few days later. Since I was using a mixed media paper before, I thought why not give watercolor paper a try. Somehow I have observed Strathmore is more affordable in India compared to all other international brands.


Oh yes, are having a new year postcard contest with an amazing prize. I am going to enter, why don’t you too give it a try. Post a photo of a 2017 themed postcard on instagram and tag Entries closing on 7pm(IST) 31st Dec, 2016.

– CAP (Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)