Art Lesson #028 : Orchids

I had a thought. I keep numbering these lessons, so why not set a target: “One painting everyday till 100”. I think I can do that and a target will inspire me to paint everyday, so lets do that. For today’s painting of Orchids is by thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich . Lindsay’s live tutorials are my favorite, if you have time hope in on Friday. It a tutorial as well as a discussion forum of sorts. Anyway, here is my painting:


Painting is being done in Kokuyo Camlin Artist Watercolours.

Overall: I had some hard edges. The paper seems to dry-up very quickly compare to Lindsay’s instructions and maybe I am a bit slow too. And sometimes I have pools of water due to which the colors seems to go out of control in specific areas. Its a OK attempt but still need improvement.

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)


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