Lettering Supplies (ArtLounge.in)

So after a lot of practice with watercolors, I thought why not try something else which would make my art more memorable. I always find quotes or speeches very intriguing, one’s words are a window to their soul. And thoughtful writing with watercolor art can make amazing bookmarks, cards, etc. So to enhance my lettering skills I needed something to write with.

Now, here was a debate: nib pens or dip pens. I have always liked ink, and it just smells so nice and reminds me of my school. I finally I decided on dip pens. Dip pens comprise of a nib holder and a nib. Since I like to be colorful and I had a set of various colored inks, dip-pens were the obvious choice. Also dip pens give choice of various nibs.


On my Instagram I saw this store: ArtLounge.in and I thought of giving it a try. So I bought the following:

  • 5 Manuscript Marble Dip Pen Holder – Mutli-Coloured
  • Manuscript Leonardt Copperplate 5 Nib Set

and here is my sample of all the nibs that came in the set(I really like the no.33 nib):


ArtLounge.in is a mine of art supplies and they have a store in Mumbai too. So if you want to check out your supplies first, then go and visit them. They are pretty active on social media(instagram & twitter), follow them if you want to take advantage of their deals.

I keep running out of my watercolor paper, so I bought Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor 11”x15” a few days later. Since I was using a mixed media paper before, I thought why not give watercolor paper a try. Somehow I have observed Strathmore is more affordable in India compared to all other international brands.


Oh yes, ArtLounge.in are having a new year postcard contest with an amazing prize. I am going to enter, why don’t you too give it a try. Post a photo of a 2017 themed postcard on instagram and tag ArtLounge.in. Entries closing on 7pm(IST) 31st Dec, 2016.

– CAP (Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)


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