PPSUAE #01 : Flowers

So I found this 30 day challenge on Instagram by PPSUAE.com. I found the list of topics very interesting and it will be a good collection with my creations. Here is the challenge:


Its a creative list and I thought why not, I am anyways in a habit of painting on a daily basis. Now on to the challenge the very first on is “Flowers”. I thought about what flowers are blooming around my neighborhood, but then remembered none. Downside of living in a urban city is very less vegetation around you. Now for Flowers, my mind kept wandering to the tulip fest that has been quite a rave amongst my friends. So here is my take on a few tulips.


All done with Kukoyu Camlin Camel Watercolours.

They remind me of the Tulip festivals I have attended in Kashmir and Netherlands.

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)


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