Watercolor Essential Shopping (ItsyBitsy.in)

So after a week of painting and watch too many YouTube videos, I came to the realisation that I am lacking a few essential colors and a few other products to do some advance techniques. So, here are thing you might need to buy after the primary stater watercolor kit that I mentioned in Starting with watercolors.


I had bought the Camel Artist Water Color 18 shades, which now looks like this:



  • It has all the earth tones (Senna-s and Umber-s)
  • It has a set of warm and cool tones of Yellow, Red, Blue and Green
  • The size is enough for all the practice you might want to do before any serious project


Some of the very popular colors are missing used by other artists on a daily basis, like

  • Blue: Ultramarine Blue, French Ultramarine and Cerulean Blue
  • Payna’s Grey: Used for shadows and darker themes
  • Hooker’s Green: many used for leaves and other plant features

As I like to order everything online, I started searching for a site which sells Camel water colors in individual tubes. And I don’t believe my luck, I found Itsybitsy.in. Itsybitsy is a art and craft haven for anybody who wants to so anything creative, they seemed to have everything and above all free delivery for any order above ₹500/-. I placed an order for

  1. all the colors they had in Camel Artist Water Colour CollectionDSC_1366.jpg
  2. Camlin Wash brushesDSC_1294.jpg
  3. Camel Purified Linseed Oil for Oil colors
  4. Camel Distilled Turpentine for Oil colorsDSC_1359.jpg

(I din’t know I needed these two to do any kind of Oil painting, my bad)

Although delivery tracking is not updated regularly but I received my package in 4 working days. Everything was nicely rapped in bubble sheet and the product were all in good condition. So if you are looking for any special product for your arts and craft project, go to Itsybitsy.in you will definitely find what you are looking for.

CAP(Chitrakaar Artist Peintre)


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